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Qualified Doctors

Our doctors are responsible for promoting the health and safety of patients by providing proactive treatment and diagnosis

Modern Equipment

We believe in the importance of the availability of modern technology to improve the quality of health care services. All needed modern equipment are available all over our hospital departments

Emergency Help
The emergency department provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention
Individual Approach

Every patient is managed in a personalized and specially customized managment plan respecting his needs, beliefs and culture and alligend with the honest medical guidelines 

Welcome To Cure Hospital


Cure hospital is established to offer wide range of specialized high quality medical services. Cure Hospital provides integrated medical services for inpatients and outpatients as well as surgical services. These wide range highly qualified services are offered in valuable competitive prices in comparison to same level hospitals.

Best Practices

Outpatient clinics

The outpatient clinics covering almost all medical specialties and subspecialties, all the outpatient’s doctors hold highest scientific certificates.


Happy Patients


Qualified Doctors


Clinic Rooms


Hospital Emergency Unit

The Emergency unit is ready to receive wide range of emergencies with all the facilities and equipment needed and under supervision of highly qualified emergency specialists and packed with consultants for all specialties on call, the unit works 24 hours /7 days per week.

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Outpatient Clinics

The outpatient clinics covering almost all medical specialties and subspecialties, all the outpatient’s doctors hold highest scientific certificates either from best Egyptian universities or western accredited certificates such as British Royal Collage, European Board, Canadian Board or same level institutes.

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Inpatient General and Post-operative Accommodation

Cure Hospital is designed to offer calm clean comfortable and safe environment for our customers. The inpatient wards offer different varieties of accommodation based on high level design, decorations and facilities to offer the best available environment and hospitality.

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Intensive Care Unit

Our ICU unit is our hospital’s corner stone facility that offer best available intensive care services either post-operative, transfer from emergency unit or transfer from other medical facility. 

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Operation Theatre

Our operation theatre follows the best available standard regarding design, structure and equipment, our operation rooms packed with high level machines and devices make the surgeons and staff working in ease and in safe environment to be able to offer the best quality surgical services for patients ranging from minor surgeries to the highly demanding surgeries.

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Laboratory Unit

Our Lab is equipped to serve all inpatients,outpatients and emergency requirements with high end machines and devices to offer rapid reliable results in all scopes of lab services.

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Radiology Department

Our radiology department offer wide range of services of conventional radiology with X-ray machine ready to fulfill all requested conventional radiology from simple X-ray to contrast and interventional radiology.

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